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Spiced Mussels in Pickled Sauce

Spiced Mussels in Pickled Sauce

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Meaty, plump, and perfectly balanced, these rich, sweet, and spiced mussels are as timeless and delicious as it gets.

Made in Galicia in the old way, the sauce is a spicy twist on a classic escabeche, a medley of oil, vinegar, and pepper that predates modern Spain and harkens to a time when southern Iberia was part of the Islamic Empire called Al-Andalus (which became the name Andalusia). It is bursting with tradition and flavor. We enjoy them tossed with fusilli and green olives or toothpicking them straight from the tin.

TASTING: bouncy, umami, bright, rich

PAIRING: rioja, verdejo, whipped feta

INGREDIENTS: Mussels, Sunflower Oil, Wine Vinegar, Red Pepper Garlic, Bay Leaf, Spices, Salt

CAUGHT IN: Galicia
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