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Glogg (Swedish Cocktail Mixer)

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Glögg is a traditional drink of the Swedish winter season. Glögg is traditionally made with old red wine, multiple fruits and spices. Heated to about 180 F each small glass is garnished with a few almonds and raisins or dried lingonberries. December and January is a dark, wintry time, and this hot drink helps keep the spirits cheered. Everclear never tasted so good! We have now determined that many swedes and Finns drink Glögg in the summer, sort of a Swedish sangria. We do too! Hej Da! Glögg’s origins are with mulled wine - wine heated with spices. In fact the word “Glögg” is Old Norse meaning to heat, steep, and likely ferment very slowly. You will find different versions of Glögg depending on where you are in Sweden and which family you belong to. There are other versions in neighboring countries as well. There are even multiple interpretations and legends associated with the word Glögg.